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Kant metaphysics
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Related: ontology, Being, existence and reality. The nature of Being is a topic in metaphysics. Parmenides taught that reality was a single unchanging Being. The philosopher Heidegger thought other philosophers have lost sight of the question of Being in favour of the questions of beings (existing things), so that a return to the Parmenidean approach was needed. An ontological catalogue is a listing of the fundamental constituents of reality. Weird quotes from philosophers. In relation to the ontological argument is the existence of God. Existence, that something is, has been contrasted with essence, the question of what something is. Reflections on the nature of the connection and distinction between existence and essence dates back to Aristotle’s Metaphysics, and it found one of its later most influential interpretations in the ontology of the eleventh century metaphysician Avicenna. Since existence without essence, it is associated with nothingness by philosophers such as Hegel. Empirical and conceptual objects,Objects and their properties. List of Christian philosophers. Jesus and metaphysics.